Advanced Markets for Irregular Employment


Big Ben Panorama (HighRes) - Palace of Westminster, LondonOur project predates the Sharing Economy, Amazon, Google, even eBay. A shift like this takes time.




Three challenges

Launched at the end of 2013, Beyond Jobs is building on an enormous body of work by technology companies, think tanks, local governments, innovation funders and central government. The potential of official, high volume, markets for fragmented activity was first analyzed 20 years ago. There have been three challenges in realization:


  • Technology: These transactions are fiendishly complex in their details. But they are extremely low value. The technologies required took time to become viable.


  • Launch dynamics: Some markets start with friends and family of the founders. Others need a more systematic launch. Generally; the more radical a model, the more it needs big forces aligned. In our case, those big forces are primarily government bodies.


  • Mindset: Irregular work is so often disregarded as unedifying, dead-end, low paid. We have had to convince decision makers it could be empowering; offering better progression and stability than many current jobs.



How we got here



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