Quality work on the fringes

Advanced markets

01A - HomepagesOur technology has already handled millions of dollars’ worth of hourly bookings. It upends current assumptions about platforms for “gig” work.

It has to be tech.

Our project to create better conditions for “gig” workers started with a list of possible interventions. But the reasons people work this way, and the outcomes they seek, are so varied. No one intervention fits all.

To improve this kind of work, we realized the bedrock issue was quality of marketplace. If you have a job you typically enter the labor market every few years when it’s time to move on. An irregular can be in-and-out several times a day in search of the next assignment. The way their market is constructed, whose interests it serves, its breadth and depth, the overheads imposed, the data and tools shared; that’s what determines life chances.

189297 StaffingAny scalable, sustainable, market needs to be software based. The right market will make any intervention uniquely cost effective. It must enforce protections, pro-rated benefits plus functions for intermediaries, unions, colleges and other stakeholders. We drafted a high level list of requirements for a market which ensures workers thrive.

The resulting markets are challenging to build and launch. As with existing platforms, the responsibilities of market operators could be abused. That’s why we’re working to open source our technologies, putting them under accountable local control.

In this section: 

→  What’s different: Forget current assumptions about “gig” platforms.

Work-seekers: Control, options, pathways.

Buyers & Intermediaries: Convenience, low-overheads, worker pools.