Advanced markets for irregular work

Advanced markets

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1 - Seller Home WalWorkMuch better markets are possible. Technology was the first challenge.







A state-of-the-art market

A truly advanced market for Irregular Work will be based on principles such as:

  • One-click purchasing: to open all possible demand, booking has to be as effortless, assured and informed as possible.
  • Control and progression: workers who have control over their work and pricing with a route to increased opportunity will be more engaged, reliable and appealing for buyers.
  • Multi-sector: the platform has to seamlessly serve thousands of sectors, that creates personalized routes into better paid, more stable, work.
  • Deep data: market users, and potential users, need real-time visibility of activity, utilization and pricing.
  • Mainstream economy: turning irregular work into an on-ramp for the shadow economy cannot be a long term strategy.


The technology exists

We have core technology  to manage these fiddly transactions on a huge scale. Running on a server farm in the North of England it is currently configured for UK employment law; possibly the most demanding regulatory environment imaginable for these markets.

But that’s just the beginning. Work on next stages of these exciting systems is underway.


In this section: 

→  The concept: Creating a fair market

→ Existing technology: How transactions work.

Next stage technology: What’s in development?


→  The model