Advanced markets for irregular work

Next stage technology

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CEDAH cashpointsWe have a range of tools in development. They exploit the deep data a CEDAH generates.





Eternal development

We are now planning for a second wave of investment that will deliver advanced tools for a CEDAH. The underlying structures are in place. As ever, we focus not on glitzy front end screens. A CEDAH could be repurposed within thousands of websites. The heavylifting is in functionality ready for huge scale with protections, accuracy and speed coded into the foundations.

Some static, simplified, mock-up screens based on our roadmap and patent filings are shown.



Intuitive opportunity analysis

A CEDAH captures details of availability (hours a person or resource are available), rules (the terms on which a person or resource are offered) and utilization (what percentage of hours offered are booked). After anonymization, those data can be used to highlight individual opportunities.

Here, someone selling as a babysitter is being shown why it could be profitable if he choses to be available on Sunday afternoons.

CEDAH - Overview and bear

But, perhaps he should look at entering additional sectors?

Opportunities and notebook


Gap analysis

A mature CEDAH can turn utilization rates (the ratio of hours offered to hours sold) into opportunities. Suppose, for example, utilization for plumbers on weekday evenings in South Shelbyville is running at 90%. Rates are high. Meanwhile, weekday evening utilization for workers in sectors such as vehicle valeting across the south of the city is only averaging 30%

The CEDAH can spot this, even predict the trend before a gap gets so large. It can turn momentary market inefficiency into an investment opportunity. An investor could allocate $500,000 to train 100 local CEDAH vehicle valets as plumbers. They put the funds in a CEDAH account and set parameters for its allocation.

The CEDAH offers that paid training to eligible sellers. Each chooses whether to accept knowing a specified percentage of any earnings uplift will be deducted for investors over a first 6 months. Those that click on Yes are booked in with an accredited seller of plumbing training on CEDAH at times of mutual availability. The fund is listed openly so other investors realise the opportunity has been seized.

A wide-area CEDAH could combine these products into fund- of-funds. An institution might bank 100m Euros in a fund for “skilling to fill gaps in business services: 3 year return”. The platform constantly scans for pockets of skills needed, creates a mini-fund, offers the up-skilling and monitors outcomes.

More speculative investors might proactively set up a proprietary fund that, perhaps, analyses where French companies are likely to set up in the US. The CEDAH is then instructed to fund French training for reliable interpreters and customer service sellers in those areas.  Instruments based on very precise up-skilling of CEDAH workers would be a tradable asset class for investors.



Cross-sector purchasing

A CEDAH can shop across different markets to assemble a package of individual requirements for a buyer. Expedia does this in a much simpler part of the economy when it constructs a mix of flights, hotels and hire cars for a personalised vacation.

Imagine a CEDAH for Birmingham has matured to include ad hoc resources from local organizations, as well as people. You run a one person business 100 miles away. In the next three weeks you want to host a sales seminar for Birmingham prospects. You will need a room, projection equipment, some catering and a receptionist to greet everyone. A clutch of existing customers will also need to be transported to the venue.

Before CEDAH, co-ordinating all that from micro-sellers would have been prohibitive. Now, you just use the Add Requirement function to build a chain of related needs.

CEDAH - Chain1

CEDAH can search across its thousands of sectors to pull together aligned packages for a buyer. It looks for available meeting rooms which could belong to any community association, company or government body that had no meetings that day. Then it searches around the locality of each room for a projector (where there is not one listed at the room) and a courier to get it to/from the meeting in each case. The time of a caterer and an eligible receptionist are likewise located. Travel could be from a cab firm or an insured local with a people carrier.

Within a few micro-seconds, it asks what you are willing to pay for.

CEDAH - Chain2

A seller can also stipulate subsidiary purchases be triggered within a booking. “If my studio is rented overnight, book one of my approved pool of cleaners between 10.00 and 12.00 the following morning for an hour. Add the cost to my price for the hire.”


shutterstock_96457454Assembling micro-offerings into a personalized chain transaction could transform some sectors. Take “Journeys” for example. This one segment in the irregular economy encompasses anyone offering; rideshares, minicabs, limo bike rides, peer-to-peer car rental, seats in minibuses even ad hoc coach seats. These diverse offerings need to  be underpinned by  regulatory checks and micro-insurance.

But it should be seen as one sector. In a comprehensive marketplace, getting long-distance from A to B might involve starting on the back of a neighbor’s luxury motorcycle which transfers you to a minibus departing along the freeway to another city from which a local picks you up because her evening commute goes past your destination. Each segment is sold by the worker. Arrangements could automatically be re-jigged if timings change.



Conditional availability

The decision about whether a seller is prepared to work this evening can be nuanced. A CEDAH wants ever possible hour when your skills are potentially in the market stored. So it could capture “I am available if……” rules. The platform then works out if your conditions are satisfied drawing on its own data and external sources. For example a seller with multiple skills could say, “I am available between 18.00 and 22.00 today but only if…….”:

  • Met. Office data shows it is raining where I live. I know that will drive up demand for my mini-cab driving.
  • My wife is also available, but not booked; one of us has to look after the kids.
  • The CEDAH can hire me a dental hygienist’s equipment set plus someone to deliver it to/collect it from a booking location at the times I am booked. Without that I can’t do descaling and polishing.


Availability can also be location specific. A seller planning a day at the seaside could tell the CEDAH she will do a booking up to 3 hours long within 1 mile of her current location but only for an extra $20 an hour to tempt her off the beach.

Is all this too complex for the average user? It would probably be adopted progressively as the benefits of more “vanilla” working became clear. But gaming, social and shopping apps offer increasingly advanced tools on their “Other” menus. There could very quickly be people expecting the same sophistication to manage their flexible work life.



Financial functions

A wide-area CEDAH could be authorized to operate as a specific type of narrow bank. As ever with a CEDAH, the focus is small transactions and ensuring sellers reap reward from reliable trading. That flows into a loans market which sees a person’s surplus cash as one more resource with time slots when it can be available. The level of solidity in counterparties can be stipulated. And, of course, transacting can be automated.

CEDAH - auto-lend


A widely used CEDAH could run its own parallel economy. This could be controlled to ensure it benefited those without much cash and enabled otherwise unviable transactions. Someone might be willing to, for instance, iron shirts in return for POETs: Parallel Official Economy Tokens. The CEDAH could offer sophisticated treasury functions and enable exchanges between POETs and conventional money. This could be invaluable in a financial crisis.

A CEDAH should be seen as an underlying platform with anyone free to build applications on top. The core functionality must support this. Functionality above is merely some of the obvious add-ons to a deep market. There are countless other possibilities.