Advanced Markets for Irregular Employment


180207 crisisKey to launch in any area is “Market making”. Public bodies are pivotal.




Marshalling scale

180207 RelevantA CEDAH (Central Database of Available Hours) is just neutral infrastructure for a fragmented labor market. Beyond being worker-centric, it does not impose values, priorities or a particular business model. All that is decided locally. Its mission is to unlock all possible demand for irregular work, entice activity out of underground economies and allow each worker to set filters for a personalised stream of opportunities.

A citizen might urgently need 2 hours work this afternoon. Or, she may be seeking a safety net of always-available work as wages fluctuate. The ask could be for a personalized ramp of increasing hours leading to a conventional job. A CEDAH needs the scale to satisfy all these requirements.

Finding some initial scale locally is the implementation challenge. Employers need to be committed to the new channel from day one. Their demand for workers can be modelled, creating reassurance the new market will sustain itself and generate business cases for local stakeholders.


Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 15.05.57None of this should be daunting. “Market making” is simply about engaging diverse local parties, persuading them to unite around a new channel for booking contingent labor, then recording their likely usage. Kauffman Foundation have funded a manual on how to do this (click on the image opposite).

A well launched market can fund its own operations from a small charge built into each transaction.



In this section:

→ Business case: With so many priorities, why explore a CEDAH?

Market making: How to get going in your area.

Setting the rules: Aligning a CEDAH with local priorities.


→  Impact