Quality work on the fringes


A successful CEDAH (Central Database of Available Hours) improves labor market fringes. That boosts employment, commerce and quality of life.


A travail of two cities

Projecting precise outcomes is difficult; we have so little starting-point data. So this section contrasts two municipalities, both adapting to a roiled labor market:


  • Flexcity: The Mayor has moved conclusively to Full Spectrum Employment Support. She committed to raising quality, prospects and security for non-standard work as well as jobs. She recognized this needed a stabilizing, all-sectors, facility akin to public job-matching services. Getting the CEDAH launched was challenging, involving multiple stakeholders.


  • Tradtown: Their local government continues to strive exclusively for traditional job creation. “Gig economy” marketplaces are believed adequate for low-skilled workers and businesses on the fringes, with no alternative choice required.


This section imagines impact 2-3 years after Flexcity’s CEDAH launched. Their market now turns over millions of these bookings a year. Corporates, small businesses and households have followed public bodies in buying citizens’ time in the new channel. From therapeutic massage, through roofing to tax preparation services and countless other sectors, the CEDAH has increased demand for extra help. Its convenience, immediacy, low overheads, empowered workforce and multiple features have progressively tempted buyers out of the grey economy.

Intermediaries now work with Flexcity’s CEDAH; commercial recruiters, employment charities, public job centers, possibly even global “gig economy” markets operating in the city. Each can add value with their own ratings, add-on services or unique facilities. Workers are no longer locked into monopsony markets.

Initiatives to support low income households have been launched by Flexcity’s charities and public bodies using the CEDAH’s data and targeting abilities. Like underlying datastores serving travel providers, the system is just a high tech sellers’ co-operative, constantly responding to local priorities.



In this section:

→  Impact for workers: A safety net, actionable data, personal control.

→  Impact for employers: Flex-up instantly but compete for reliable workers.

Impact on the economy: Smaller government, inward investment, impact on jobs.


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