Quality work on the fringes

Stabilizing the Gig Economy

Tens of millions of low-skilled breadwinners seek odd hours of work. Sustainably getting each of them protections, stability, skills and progression requires a new kind of labor market. It’s ready to launch.Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 15.30.40

Meet the irregulars: people who need employment that fits around ever-changing commitments in their life. They may have a fluctuating disability, care-giving pressures, complex parenting needs or seek work around fluid studying. About 20% of the workforce is in this group.

Anything that improves life for these individuals will also benefit; partially employed workers seeking more hours, micro-entrepreneurs and anyone wanting a personalized portfolio of employment rather than a job. Research suggests that’s another 15%.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 12.43.57These people need a much better labor market. It was developed in British government programs ahead of open sourcing. In July 2017, 25 US workforce agencies collaborated on a report into American possibilities, funded by Casey Foundation.

Walmart Foundation enabled Americanization of the platform which is to be open sourced. Supported by Kauffman Foundation, focus is now on first launch for Los Angeles County. In June 2018 that project won first prize in US Conference of Mayors’ national CommunityWINS program for neighborhood stabilization, economic development and job creation initiatives.

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