Advanced markets for irregular work


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Millions need odd hours of work. Millions more will be forced into finding them. This kind of employment needs attention.

home5Uber makes headlines. But it’s the tip of an iceberg. Irregular workers are; covering peaks in shops/cafes, cleaning after events, delivering, providing as-required care at home or on-demand construction site work. There are thousands of sectors offering odd hours of economic activity.typesgrid2

30% of workers could already be in this pattern of employment, often outside the formal economy. Their work is typically insecure; without prospects or protections.

An alternative model is possible. It allows any citizen to sell precise hours, on their own terms, across as many types of work and types of employer as they want. Protections and compliance are enforced. Everyone has their own route to increased opportunity and stability. For employers; booking extra workers becomes one-click easy.

Key to this is a new kind of marketplace. Britain’s government has funded the technology and learning. It now sits in the independent Beyond Jobs project and is freely available worldwide.


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