Quality work on the fringes

Systematic support for irregular workers

Pre-Covid, 35% of adults were working irregularly. In 2022 that could reach 50%. We enable public agencies to systematically, sustainably, support this vulnerable population. 



Employment is fragmenting. Consumer-facing platforms like Uber are just a tip of this iceberg. Official BIS data undercounts irregular work. But cheapened, tightly-siloed, pools of labor are undermining jobs, fueling worker shortages, and straining public services.

Legislation, litigation, labor organizing, and charitable platforms have struggled to slow the growth of gig work or curb its problems. Britain’s government pioneered a different approach; city-run platforms for all types of non-standard employment, built around protections, progression, and control for workers. Public-sector labor needs can get them to critical mass.

Americanized by national US philanthropies, our platform is now launched by public agencies in California and expanding to other regions.

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