Quality work on the fringes

New Labor Market: New Tools

A third of adults now seek employment but not a job. We work within public agencies offering an alternative to exploitative gig work apps for these marginalized individuals. 

Public agencies spend billions on support for people seeking a job. But millions of breadwinners need work to fit around day-to-day fluctuations in childcare, medical problems, family caregiving, studying, retirement activity, or partial employment they want to retain.

We are a non-profit that came out of British government programs. Our GoodFlexi platform transforms lower-skilled personalized work with W-2 status, protections, benefits, control for work-seekers, progression, data collection, supportive interventions, and ladders into jobs. Now also launched by public agencies in California and Oregon, it systematically, scalably, sustainably, empowers people with complex lives. 

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