Quality work on the fringes

New Labor Market: New Tools

Pre-Covid, 35% of adults were working irregularly. In 2022 that could exceed 40%. We enable public agencies to systematically, sustainably, support this vulnerable population. 



Family responsibilities. Uncertain primary employment. Cash shortfalls. Medical issues. People increasingly seekwork that fits around other commitments.

Government and philanthropic initiatives typically focus on traditional regular-hours jobs. Breadwinners with complex lives are pushed to the fringes. But there’s a labor shortage. Local economies need everyone to fulfil their potential.

That starts with a sophisticated, supportive, regional labor market for non-standard employment. The Beyond Jobs program emerged from UK government projects that developed a platform for all types of hourly labor. It’s built around protections, control and data-driven progression for work-seekers.

Funded by national US philanthropies, that system has been Americanized and launched by public agencies in California. It is expanding to other areas.

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