Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 15.05.57To sustainably, lastingly, elevate an irregular workforce we must start with identifying local leverage. Which stakeholders will put weight behind an intervention?




How fundamental?

Possibilities for supporting irregular workers fall into two categories:

  • Small-scale: Micro-apprenticeships, legal controls, training, and other variants on traditional initiatives can usually be costed with outcomes accurately anticipated.
  • Infrastructure: If launched successfully, a new market for this labor will lastingly shift-the-dial for swathes of the workforce. But it’s more of a step into the unknown.

We believe new public infrastructure for hourly labor is key. It should mirror the aims of existing publicly-provided markets for traditional jobs. Exploring launch of a new flexi-labor market is not really about technology. You can have a version of our GoodFlexi system, or commission a build of your own. The challenge is “Market Making”; ensuring everything is in place for a robust launch that quickly grows to a critical mass of active users.


In this section:

→ Business case: With so many priorities, why support people with complex lives?

Market Making: How to get going in your area.

Setting the rules: Aligning GoodFlexi with local priorities.


→  Exploiting the platform