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180207 rootedWe lead the world towards advanced markets for irregular work. We are completely apolitical.



An underlying service

Our mission: unleash a 21st century model of irregular work. It can’t start organically. Some scientific “market making” is essential for advanced services like a CEDAH (Central Database of Available Hours).

As we continue developing the technology, we are looking for the organizations ready to lead their area into a new market. Our aim is to open source the technology, putting markets under control of accountable local bodies.

Irregular Work can be a charged issue, blindsiding people across the political spectrum. We believe it’s not going to go away, labor market infrastructure needs to adapt. The best markets foster progression, alignment, and legitimacy. That broadly benefits everyone.

We don’t see ourselves competing with existing services. Our focus is an underlying platform, akin to credit card processers. It can support any legitimate organization’s services. Wide scale, high volume, and low cost; anyone can add value on top of a market.



In this section:

→  History: It all started in 1994 in a London think tank.

→  Team: Politicians, technologists, businesspeople and academics.

→  Coverage: The New Yorker, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Techonomy, FT, Aspen.

→  Director’s Page: Work on irregular work had its roots in a racy TV show.

→  Contact: We are in London (UK).


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