A citywide, or regional, granular workforce platform improves labor market fringes. That can boost jobs, equity, growth, and services.


A local labor market

Projecting precise outcomes of a more granular labor market is difficult; we have so little starting-point data. But if a launch is successful, some broad themes should be seen across the area’s economy:

  • Economic growth: More people are working in the legitimate economy. Businesses are able to grow and flex more easily.
  • New services: Tightly targeted interventions, Peer Navigators, micro-credentials; programs like this become precise and cheap.
  • Data: A gauzy part of the workforce becomes clear. Individuals can see and align with opportunities. Companies can assess skills needs in new detail.
  • Accountability: Instead of remote global brands intermediating local transactions, and extracting large fees, the market is locally controlled by accountable bodies.


In this section:

→  Job creation: Incremental hiring, putting workers on an on-ramp, new retention tools.

→  Training: Atomized, responsive learning, new sources of funding, best-use-of-time.

→  A new community workforce: Community health, homelessness services; options expand.

→  Responsive childcare: Families that don’t fit the daycare pigeonhole gain possibilities.

→  Business growth: Work-around needs of a startup, hire incrementally, exploit data.


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