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Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 9.46.10 AMMar. 26, 2019Long Beach Business JournalPacific Gateway receives national honorView
Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 9.46.10 AMMar. 11, 2019Long Beach Business JournalPacific Gateway Receives National RecognitionView
Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 5.37.43 PMFeb. 8, 2019California Workforce Association, PodcastElevating Irregular EmploymentListen
Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 09.57.06Jan. 31, 2019Chronicle of PhilanthropyDon't Fight the Gig EconomyView
CESOct. 4, 2018California Economic SummitThe Gig Economy is here. What are we going to do about it?View
Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 15.58.38Sept. 13, 2018Kauffman Foundation CurrentsThe market is stacked against the low-skilled worker View
Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 07.01.30June 11, 2018BusinessWireUS Conference of Mayors, Wells Fargo Announce 2018 CommunityWINS GrantsView
Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 07.02.48Dec. 2, 2017University of California TVElevating California's Irregular WorkforceWatch
1Oct. 1, 2017Governing MagazineAt Work, the 'Irregulars' Are Starting to Get ProtectionView online version
Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 15.32.08Sept. 25, 2017NAWB PodcastThe Rise of Irregular EmploymentListen
Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 15.31.16Autumn 2017CIPD (UK) Work magazineAll in an hour's workView
Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 14.01.15July 18, 2017Annie E. Casey FoundationWEBINAR: Gig Workers and the Public Workforce SystemView
Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 14.02.02July 18, 2017Annie E. Casey FoundationREPORT: Beyond Gig Work: Public Markets for Irregular EmploymentView
Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 13.59.43July 10, 2017Employment & Training ReporterEnvision System's Potential to Aid Gig Workers, Project AsksView
C2ERlogoMay 10, 2016Council for Community and Economic Research/Labor Market Information InstituteWebinar: Making the Gig Economy a Tool for Economic DevelopmentView
NLClogMay 6, 2016National League of Cities NewsletterA City Response to Labor Market ChangesView
SWF logoApr. 29, 2016Skoll World Forum The Changing World of Work: Does the Collaborative Economy Foster Trust or Inequity?View
R4Apr. 4, 2016BBC Radio 4, Digital HumanThe Future of WorkListen
1mlogoApr. 3, 20161m for Work FlexibilityTake 5: Wingham Rowan on the Flexible Labor MarketView
living_cities_logoMar. 23, 2016Living CitiesA Fresh Perspective on the Future of WorkView
CW logo newWinter 2015/16 editionCentre Write magazineThe Great Fragmentation: challenges for an on-demand economyView
Cl2015Oct. 20, 2015Bloomberg CityLab conference 2015Creatives, Contigents, Contracts - Re - Imagining The Future Of WorkPodcast
MELogoAug 3., 2015Market Express (India)An Uber labor market: do we let it happen?View
StarAug. 2, 2015Toronto Star“Tasker” movement championed as solution to Toronto’s precarious work problemView
R4Jul. 31, 2015BBC Radio 4The New Economy: Does Sharing Mean Caring?Listen
WM logoJul. 23, 2015Workforce Matters/National Council on FoundationsWebinar: Supporting a fragmenting workforce - a UK solution with US implicationsView
Urb1Jul. 6, 2015The EU - URBACT blogNew labour markets: how cities could leadView
Salt logoJul./Aug. 2015Salt MagazineThe rise and rise of the Sharing EconomyView
Prs-SIGJun. 25, 2015Social Impact Generation, Canada webinar44% of Toronto’s workforce is now precariously employed. Do we need an official response?Read Watch
Prs-CAMEOMay 18, 2015California Economic Development webinarHelp for Gig WorkersView
Prs-GrdianApr. 16, 2015The GuardianTHE LONG READ: One man's quest to meld Adam Smith and Karl Marx.View
PRS-WPOMar. 6, 2015Worldpost Future of Work ConferenceThe rise of irregular laborPreview
Prs-AspInJan. 27, 2015Aspen Institute webinarSharing Economy 2.0: A model from the UK for Improving the Gig Economy for WorkersView
Prs-AspInDec. 2, 2014Aspen Institute event: Washington DCThe Future of Work in the Sharing EconomyView
Prs-AJINov. 5, 2014Aspen Journal of IdeasIrregular Work for the 21st Century: a Model from Britain?View
PRS-WPOSep. 5, 2014Huffington WorldpostStartups Like Uber and Airbnb Will Continue To Disrupt Jobs. Here's What We Can Do About ItView
Prs-TechEAug. 28, 2014Techonomy Governments and Sharing: Lessons from the UK’s Beyond Jobs ProjectView
Prs-DemosApr 24, 2014Demos QuarterlyWorkers v. RobotsView
Prs-SSIRMar. 27, 2014Stanford Social Innovation ReviewA cliffhanger for the Sharing Economy: what will governments do?View
Prs-LongFinFeb. 17, 2014Long FinanceWhy Can I Ship 500 Tons of Ore from China in a Few Seconds, But I Can’t Get a Babysitter Tonight? The Challenge of Local MarketsView
Prs-PubWorlJan. 13, 2014Public WorldWhat if public policy reflected employment changes?View
Prs-TouchstoneNov. 1, 2013Trades Union Congress: TouchstoneZero hours and beyondView


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