Welcome to the CEDAH training portal for agency staff!

CEDAH (Central Database of Available Hours) is a sophisticated online market for hourly labor. Developed in British government programs, it aims to give anyone seeking work control over their hours, chances to progress and ongoing relationships with clients.

For clients, it’s a way to get motivated workers for top-up or ad-hoc requirements. It encourages clients to develop a pool of work-seekers they know and use regularly.

Your agency oversees this activity. You decide who is allowed into the market and, make sure everyone gets their needs met while clients are charged and work-seekers paid. Reporting and analytics tools allow you to see what’s going on in your market.

CEDAH does more for its users than most hourly labor platforms. So, it needs more information than typical services. But we can make it as easy as possible for you to enter, validate or use that data.

This training site takes you through the basic routines of overseeing a CEDAH. This exciting technology is just starting in the US. You are among the first users. Some of the functionality may have been turned off at the request of your agency. But the basic principles explained in this site will quickly enable you to complete your work.


System Basics

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